Books are organized by author name:


Adams, Diana: Our December (The Making of a Man #1)
Alva, Sara: Silent
Austen, Jane: Pride and Prejudice


Banks, Maya: The Darkest Hour (KGI #1)
Boney, Brad: The Nothingness of Ben
Bozza, Julie: The Apothecary’s Garden


C, Cardeno: Wake Me Up Inside (Mates #1)
Calmes, Mary: Frog
Cullinan, Heidi: Frozen Heart (Love Lessons #1.5)
Cullinan, Heidi: Nowhere Ranch


Easton, Eli: Puzzle Me This
Easton, Eli: Superhero


Dane, Cameron: A Fostered Love (Foster Siblings #1)
Downing, Mia: Just Ask


Ford, Rhys: Sinner’s Gin (Sinners #1)
Fox, Harper: Life After Joe


Gabaldon, Diana: Outlander (Outlander #1)
Glines, Abbi: Never Too Far (Too Far #2)


Hart, Riley: Broken Pieces
Henry, Lisa & J.A. Rock: Mark Cooper versus America





Lane, Amy: Clear Water
Leigh, Garrett: Slide (Roads #1)
Leigh, Garrett: Marked (Roads #1.5)


Mathewson, R.L.: Checkmate (Neighbor from Hell #3)
Maxfield, Z.A.: St. Nacho’s (St. Nacho’s #1)
McKenna, Kendall: Strength of the Pack (The Tameness of the Wolf #1)
Michaels, Sean: Mannies Incorporated (Mannies Incorporated #1)
Mitchell, K.A.: Bad Company (Bad in Baltimore #1)
Moon, Kele: Starfish and Coffee



O’Shea, M.J.: Coming Home (Rock Bay #1)
O’Shea, M.J.: Newton’s Law of Attraction


Parker, Sloan: Breathe (Breathe #1)
Peterson, S.J.D.: Pony (Guards of Folsom #3)



Rhodes, M.L.: Wanting (Rocky Mountain High: Campus Hearts #1)
Riley, Con: After Ben (Seattle Stories #1)
Roberts, Nora: Sea Swept (Chesapeake Bay Saga #1)
Roux, Abigail: According to Hoyle
Roux, Abigail: Ball & Chain (Cut & Run #8)


Scott, R.J.: Texas Heat (Texas #3)
Scotts, J.J.: Being Chase (Chase #1)
Sexton, Marie: Normal Enough
Sheehan, Madeline: Undeniable (Undeniable #1)
Sheehan, Madeline: Unbeautifully (Undeniable #2)
Sheehan, Madeline: Unattainable (Undeniable #3)


Tenino, Anne: Frat Boy and Toppy (Theta Alpha Gamma #1)




Walker, N.R. Breaking Point (Turning Point #2)
Walker, N.R. Taxes and TARDIS
Walker, N.R.: Sense of Place (Thomas Elkin #3)
Winters, Eden: Diversion (Diversion #1)
Winters, Eden: Collusion (Diversion #2)
Winters, Eden: Corruption (Diversion #3)





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