Review: Sixty Five Hours: The Twelve Days of Christmas by N.R. Walker

Title & Author: Sixty Five Hours: The Twelve Days of Christmas by N.R. Walker
Series: Sixty Five Hours #1.5
Release Date: October 2013
Publisher: Self-published
Pages: Unknown pages

Book Blurb (from Goodreads):

Christmas story set in the Sixty Five Hours universe.

My Thoughts:

I just finished reading N.R. Walker’s totally adorable and completely FREE story Sixty Five Hours (see my full review here). Of course, once I knew that Walker had written a short Christmas story for Cam and Lucas as well, I just had to read it as soon as humanly possible (regardless of the fact that it’s February).

So I read Sixty Five Hours: The Twelve Days of Christmas and I loved it. It was a completely over-the-top, gooey lovefest that had me grinning like an idiot from start to finish. But when I was done reading, I couldn’t bring myself to do a traditional review. Instead, I just wanted to tell you about my feels and reactions:

On the first day of Christmas… I laughed wickedly and smiled happily.
On the second day of Christmas… I put my hand over my heart and sighed.
On the third day of Christmas… I snorted and smirked and then I melted.
On the fourth day of Christmas… I wanted to know what was on page seventy-six. And twenty-seven.
On the fifth day of Christmas… I nodded and gave Luc two thumbs up (but inwardly wondered if a five golden (cock) rings would have been too much to ask for).
On the sixth day of Christmas… I have to shake my head because Lucas doesn’t realize a good idea when Cam gives it to him.
On the seventh day of Christmas… I felt envious.
On the eighth day of Christmas… I became curious and hopeful.
On the ninth day of Christmas… I fan myself and blush and feel smug (because 1984 was a good year for wine and women). 😉
On the tenth day of Christmas… I grinned like a giant idiot.
On the eleventh day of Christmas… I feel proud (darn right you want to visit Canada!)
On the twelfth day of Christmas… I think that’s just about the most romantic, most special gift two people can give each other. My heart is full to overflowing. ❤

Note: The super short story is self-published as part of Walker’s NaNaWriMo project. It was beta’d, but there are still errors here and there. *shrugs* Who cares?! None of them detract from the absolutely sugary sweetness of this story or the awesomeness of getting a glimpse into Cam and Lucas’s happily ever after. I hope that you enjoy this sweet Christmas story as much as I did!

You can find a free version of the story here.

My Rating:

 2 Smooch2 Smooch

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