Speed Dating Bibliophile Style: February (Runell)

So, Catherine and I were going to do these Speed Dating wrap-ups as a combined post, but then my fellow blogger realized something: We read a lot. If we made it a joint post it would be really long. So it was decided that we’d each do our own. Basically what these posts are is us making a list of all the books we read within the month and just write one sentence telling our thoughts on it. That way, even if we decide not to do a review for a particular book because we just aren’t feeling it (doesn’t mean the book is bad, it could be one of the best books ever but we’re just able to get our feels out the way we want them), you’ll have at least a general idea of how well we liked the book (or not).

The following are the books that I got through in the shortest month of the whole year. Not terrible, but less than I had planned. If you missed it here’s Catherine’s list . . . Damn she reads a lot.

  1.  After Ben (Seattle Stories #1) by Con Riley: Three men, two different loves, one amazing story. [5 saucy smooches*]
  2. Newton’s Law of Attraction by M.J. O’Shea: Friends-to-lovers who get a second chance after a bad mistake; very sweet. [3.5 saucy smooches]
  3. Checkmate (Neighbor from Hell #3) by R.L. Mathewson: Third book to a series that I had really liked up to this point, and so I was positive that I was going to love this one . . . I didn’t. At all. [1 saucy smooch]
  4. Holy Matrimony (Tangled #1.5) by Emma Chase: I’ve yet to meet a male protagonist quite like Drew; he’s hilarious, sarcastic, and crude . . . and I love him. [4 saucy smooches]
  5. Diversion (Diversion #1) by Eden Winters: I loved everything about this book. Everything. [5 saucy smooches*]
  6. Collusion (Diversion #2) by Eden Winters: Ohmygodiminloveiwiththisseries! [5 saucy smooches*]
  7. Corruption (Diversion #3) by Eden Winters: I need the next one, like, now. [5 saucy smooches*]
  8. Bad Company (Bad in Baltimore #1) by K.A. Mitchell: A GFY frenemies to lovers that was just kind of so-so. [2.5 smooches]
  9. Being Chase [Chase #1] by J.J. Scotts: A likable start to what reads like is going to be an interesting series. [3 smooches]
  10. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: Any and all Darcy fans can have him . . . I’ll take Mr. Bennet. [3 smooches]
  11. Breathe [Breathe #1] by Sloan Parker: An unusual  love story that is absolutely breathtaking with an intense conclusion. [5 smooches*]
  12. A Fostered Love [Foster Siblings #1] by Cameron Dane: *In the style of My Favorite Things* Channels, chutes, and peckers, these are a few of my (not so) favorite of things. [2.5 smooches]
  13. Just Ask by Mia Downing: An okay short story that just missed the mark with me. [2.5 smooches]
  14. Life After Joe by Harper Fox: A little story that gives you a big heart wrenching like only the British can do. [4 smooches]
  15. Bad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore #2) by K.A. Mitchell: Hello Daddy kink. [4 smooches]
  16. Breaking Point (Turning Point #2) by N.R. Walker: I feel so bad for not liking this series, loving this couple, as much as everyone else does . . . Though I have to admit, Matt and Kira have some amazing chemistry. [3 smooches]
*Eventually, a review will be posted. 

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