Most Anticipated Reads: March

It’s March! This means it’s time for another round of Catherine and Runell’s 3 Most Anticipated Reads of the Month (or, as I like to call it: the-tiniest-TBR-pile-in-history-that-can-still-defeat-us). For those of you keeping track at home, the stats from last month’s 3 Most Anticipated broke down like this:

Catherine – 2          TBR Pile – 1
Runell – 2                TBR Pile – 1

Not too shabby. But, as my childhood reports cards used to say under the grades for Environmental Studies and Science, it “needs improvement.” With that goal in mind, here are the books that we each most hope to read this month:

Catherine’s 3 Most Anticipated Books of March 2014:

???????????????????????????????????????1. Ball & Chain (Cut & Run #8) by Abigail Roux: When Ball & Chain is released on March 17th, my guess is that a significant number of Ty & Zane fans are going to find themselves coming down with a mysterious 24-hour bug that keeps them from going into work. I can hear the fake coughing and over-acted sick calls already. But who can blame them?! We have been waiting for this book for months.

After the emotional wringer Abi Roux put her readers through with Touch & Geaux, and an unexpected deployment that kept our two favourite men apart for far too long (in other words, any time at all), I think we’re all just ready to see Ty & Zane back together again. And Ball & Chain has a wedding! And Scotland! And murder and mayhem and sex and feels! I. Can’t. Wait.

Forget day-drinking, I know what I’m going to be doing on St. Patrick’s Day!

Slide Cover2. Slide (Roads #1) by Garrett Leigh: Last month I won copies of Slide (Roads #1) and Marked (Roads #1.5) from the author as she was promoting the release of the second full-length novel in this series, Rare. I wanted to read them immediately, but you know how it is – I go to queue up Slide on my Kindle, something shiny distracts me, and next thing I know, a week has passed and I’ve read five other books in its place.

Well, not this month. This month I am reading it. A) because that cover is killing me (in a good way – it is FIERCE!), b) because the author’s blurb pushed all the right buttons for me (so much angsty goodness!), and C) because everyone I know who has read this says it’s amazing and can’t shut up about the chemistry between Ash and Pete. I need to read this book. I need to know these characters!

Floodgates Cover3. Floodgates by Mary Calmes: I read Frog by Mary Calmes in January and adored it. Weber was one of the dreamiest main characters I had ever come across and the story was one that stuck with me long after I finished the last page. It has turned into one of my favourite books in the genre, and one that’s always on the tip of my tongue when someone asks me for an M/M recommendation.

It’s my hope that Calmes’ newest novel, Floodgates, will have this same magic. By the sounds of the book’s blurb, this novel is going to have off-the-charts UST (Unrelieved Sexual Tension) and I am looking forward to every single moment of it. Plus, my dear friends on Goodreads are planning a massive Buddy Read of the book on March 3rd. I was already looking forward to reading the book, but reading it with a dozen of my closest friends and fellow bibliophiles?! Even better.

Runell’s 3 Most Anticipated Books of March 2014:

1. Ball & Chain (Cut & Run #8) by Abigail Roux: This is guaranteed. It will be devoured. No doubt about it. And after I’m done, the waiting commences for Cross & Crown in June and whenever the ninth (and possibly final?) Ty and Zane book. *Sigh* The life of a fangirl.

I’m just so freaking excited . . . As any Ty & Zane fan are.

Abi’s minion torture will come to a conclusion . . . or rather her torture of this kind will be put to an end. And then our torture, the kind that only minions can do, will really begin. We’ll wonder if we should take things as they appear to be, or if we should second guess everything. Most likely, it’ll always be the latter when it comes to Abigail Roux because she likes to keep us thinking, always guessing, driving ourselves insane.

2. Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover: I’m a huge Colleen Hoover fan, and I’ve been dying to read her latest novel, which Maybe Somedaycomes out March 18. The difference with this one is that she partnered with Griffin Peterson, who is the face of Losing Hope and was also on an American Idol (no, I do not watch the show), and as the story is about two songwriters, all the songs in the book are written by Griffin who also recorded a soundtrack of the songs. Apparently, when you get to a certain part where a song comes in, if you have the ebook there will be a link that takes you to a website that will play the song and if you have the paperback there will be a barcode thingy that you scan with your phone which will then take you to the website and will play the song.

Awesome? I think so too.

Three songs have already been released, and they are simply amazing. The CD will be released March 4, and I highly suggest that you do yourself a favor and pick it up. Along with the book too, of course.

The Return3. The Return by Brad Boney: Having read The Nothingness of Ben by Brad Boney, and thoroughly enjoying it, I’ve been itching to get to the sequel/companion novel (one of the main characters in The Return is mentioned in The Nothingness . . .) ever since I read the synopsis and saw the magic words Bruce Springsteen. Guys . . . I love me some Bruce Springsteen. ALSO! It’s GFY. *Squeals*

I didn’t do too hot last month when it came to hopefully getting around to my most anticipated. I started off to, and then something else would catch my eye, and then I’d start on that. In my defense, however, I didn’t get anywhere near the amount of reading done that I wanted to get done, so hopefully in March I’ll do just that.

We told you about our most anticipated books of March 2014, now we want to hear from you! Please leave us a comment below telling us about the book you are most looking forward to reading this month.


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