Review: Sinner’s Gin by Rhys Ford

Sinner's GinTitleSinner’s Gin
Author: Rhys Ford
Series: Sinner’s #1
Release Date: December 24, 2012
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 260
Listened: March 8-12, 2014

Book Blurb (from Goodreads):

There’s a dead man in Miki St. John’s vintage Pontiac GTO, and he has no idea how it got there.

After Miki survives the tragic accident that killed his best friend and the other members of their band, Sinner’s Gin, all he wants is to hide from the world in the refurbished warehouse he bought before their last tour. But when the man who sexually abused him as a boy is killed and his remains are dumped in Miki’s car, Miki fears Death isn’t done with him yet.

Kane Morgan, the SFPD inspector renting space in the art co-op next door, initially suspects Miki had a hand in the man’s murder, but Kane soon realizes Miki is as much a victim as the man splattered inside the GTO. As the murderer’s body count rises, the attraction between Miki and Kane heats up. Neither man knows if they can make a relationship work, but despite Miki’s emotional damage, Kane is determined to teach him how to love and be loved — provided, of course, Kane can catch the killer before Miki becomes the murderer’s final victim.

My Thoughts:

Ever since I was a kid in elementary school, I’ve never liked, nor appreciated, a story being read to me. Why? Well, I guess it’s because too many aspects had been decided for me. The speed in which the story was read, the way words were pronounced, the characters voices, the way the emotions were read . . .  And the list goes on. I hated it when I had to endure, yes endure, a story being read to me during class. And Dear God help me, if the teacher decided to play “Popcorn” and let everybody read a section.

So, as one may guess, I never even thought about listening to a book on audio.

Until recently.


I was feeling lazy. Really lazy. I wanted to read, but I didn’t want to turn a page, push a button, or even move my eyes. <— Hardcore laziness there, people. Hard. Core.

So, what’s a reader to do?

Only one thing a reader in my position can do: Audio.

Well, I decided, if I’m going to listen to an audio, it better be a damn good one. Obviously, I didn’t know what a good one would be, so I did a little research, and whilst I was doing my said research, it was unanimously decided that Sinner’s Gin, a book that I had seen around and knew that people seemed to love, but I had yet to pick up (mostly because of the cover), was the book that I needed to look into.

And so to I went to, searched for Sinner’s Gin, and clicked sample.

Immediately, I experienced this:

Tristan. Fucking. James.

(Middle name, may or may not be ‘fucking’. If it’s not, however, it really should be.)

I love voices. When it comes to remembering people, I’m apt to remember the sound of their voice more than their face or their name, and does Tristan James have a voice. Immediately, I one clicked. I didn’t even finish the sample, so this was me when I heard him do Kane Morgan’s Irish accent:

I died.

And I was happy.

Because guys . . . I’m telling you, Tristan James Irish accent is one of the most beautiful, exotic, and erotic thing I’ve ever heard.

I was done for.

So, obviously, I have never been more happy to plug my earphones into my phone, sit back, and listen to a story being read to me. And does Tristan James know how to read a story.

There is no doubt that I would have thoroughly enjoyed this story if I hadn’t been suffering through some hardcore laziness because Rhys Ford wrote a really awesome story, in my opinion. And since I was so enraptured by Tristan James’s voice, I really listened to the story (the few times that his voice lulled me to sleep doesn’t count. I always started over.) and never once was I bored by it. However, I do wonder if I would have enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m curious to know because not long after I read it, a friend on Goodreads read it (Hi, Xing!), but didn’t love it as much as I did. His biggest issue with the story? Miki. In his opinion, the relationship between Kane and Miki wasn’t as well-balanced as he would have liked it to be with Kane doing a lot of the giving and Miki doing a lot of the taking.

I didn’t have any issues with Miki.

But would I have if I had read and not listened?

*Shrugs* Who knows.

In any case, for my first audio book in which I willingly chose to listen to, this story was a five star read . . . I mean, listen. And if you’ve never listened to an audiobook, if you’re like I was and think that audiobooks are a form of cruel and unusual punishment, my advice is to give Sinner’s Gin, and Tristan James, a go.

Besides, if listening to Tristan James read about two men falling in love, in which one of the men sport an Irish accent, is torture, I only have one thing to say: Where do I sign up?


Quotable Quotes:

“Sometimes, Miki, you’ve got to stop building sand castles just to watch the ocean take them away,” Kane murmured against his cheek. “Sometimes, you just need to find someone to sit on the beach with you.”

My Rating:

1 Smooch1 Smooch1 Smooch1 Smooch1 Smooch

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