About B&B

We know what you’re thinking.

Another book blog. More book reviews. Yay!

If you are thinking that, our mind reading capabilities are freaking amazing. If you’re not thinking that, then . . . well . . . you are now. We hope.

In any case, this is a collaborative book blog between two dames who love to read. And who love to read about love. Be it between two bachelors or be it between bachelors and bombshells. We’re not picky. It just has to be hot. Always hot. It can be sad, it can be sweet, but there still has to be that element of hot. That’s not too much to ask for, right? We didn’t think so either.

There will be a variety of “flavors” on this blog. Whatever catches are fancy (or not) we’ll read it, rate it, and review it honestly. We’ll fangirl. We’ll squeal. And we’ll take cold showers. What more could we possibly ask for?


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