How We Rate ‘Em

Every good book blog deserves a rating system. Here is our’s:


5 Saucy Smooches – It. Was. EPIC! The book made us feel so many feels that we could barely formulate coherent sentences afterwards (Thank God for .gifs!).


4 Saucy Smooches – We really liked it. The book either A) ripped our hearts out and had us reaching for a box of tissues, or B) had us in need of a very long, very cold shower.


3 Saucy Smooches – We liked it. It was a perfectly enjoyable way to spend a morning/afternoon/evening, but we were still able to tear ourselves away and get a good night’s rest. No bags under our eyes for this book!


2 Saucy Smooches – Meh. It was okay, but we’re not going to write a Shakespearean sonnet about it.


1 Saucy Smooch – We didn’t like it. The book had few (if any) redeeming qualities and would be best used to even out wobbly furniture. This rating includes also all books that we DNF’d (Did Not Finish).


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