About the Two Dames

Caught in a rare moment without a book in my hands.

Catherine: I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember and a romance junkie since the twelfth grade when my favourite teacher handed me my first Nora Roberts book with a sly wink and a whispered, “Here. I think you’ll enjoy this…”

A decade later, I foolishly synced my Kindle to my mom’s iPad so that she could benefit from my book obsession and promptly forgot that I had done so. When I came home from school at Christmas that year, she raised an eyebrow at me and said, “Fifty Shades, eh?!” Oh. So. Awkward.

I believe that a good book can transport and transform you, that you should never sleep with anyone who doesn’t read for pleasure, and that breaking the spine of a book should be punishable with a thousand tiny paper cuts.

Want to chat? Feel free to send me a friend request on Facebook or Goodreads. 😀

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My first ever selfie . . . There’s a reason why I don’t do pictures.

Runell: Like Catherine, I, too, have always been an avid reader. Before I discovered my mother’s secret stash of 80’s romance novels, I had always yearned for the characters in my books to do a lot less talking and get a lot more action in between the sheets. After I found them—boy, did I get my wish . . .

I firmly believe that everyone should get their happily ever after, that there’s a small (or large) part in all of us that could go “gay for you”, and salty language is just another way of getting your damn point across so no one will be able to doubt just exactly how you feel.

In any case, I’m the one who doesn’t put a “u” in words that they clearly don’t belong in. I am, however, the one who will, probably more than “on occasion”, use the word “y’all” because that’s how we do things down here in the south. I tend to express my feels in .gif related fashion. Though I’ll use any .gif that is expressing the exact emotion or reaction I’m looking for, a lot of my reviews will revolve around Star Trek (because I’m a geek and proud of it) and two particular men: Adam Levine and Jensen Ackles. Why? Have you seen them? Exactly.

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